How to Prove The Cash The Cops Nabbed Was Yours?



Nowadays, all of us are fighting the worst economic crisis in history the best we can. If you have this discomforting feeling that you are left alone to struggle all by yourself, then you are not far away from the ugly truth. To make things even worse, your Uncle Sam can easily become your worst enemy.

Here is what happens when your life becomes an episode from the game GTA (Grand Theft Auto). Imagine a situation when your car gets pulled off for a routine check. You are on cloud nine because you just cashed your life savings or some surprising insurance money. (Or maybe you just don’t like the idea of saying where it came from) You are making plans how you will spend tens of thousands of dollars, which is currently in a duffel bag in your car. Your worst nightmare begins. A police officer informs you that your money will become the government’s property until you prove its origin.

Yes, you have to prove that your own money is truly yours. In addition, during this procedure you are actually proving that you are not a criminal. The name of this painful game is the Civil Asset Forfeiture. Unless, you do something about it, the government will be happy to spend your money. It may seem to you that all you are required to do is to submit evidence and you can consider your troubles to be over. However, that is easier to be said than done. You can rest assured that the government will do its best to request tons of reliable evidence for you to prove undoubtedly that your money does not come as a result of any criminal activity.

Although, the Civil Asset Forfeiture has honest intentions in fighting against money laundering and organized crime, the sad fact about it that more and more hard working middle-class Americans get affected by it on a daily basis. This can be extremely frustrating and challenging situation for you. You have every right to reclaim your money. However, this fact does not give you any guarantees, whatsoever. You should be aware that a situation of you ending up heartbroken is a very real one. Losing tens of thousands of dollars is not an easy thing to deal with. Especially, if it comes a result of our system’s imperfections. Just because you could not submit some paper or comply accordingly with the strict rules you have to give up on your own money. Often my clients actually earned the money but very unconventionally and would never have anything close to an accounting system.

Remember, you rightful claim faces an entire army of legal professionals hired by the government to act against you. By contacting us at or 330-729-9777 you are significantly improving your chances of successfully reclaiming your money. There are defenses like you should not have been stopped or the government’s claim that the money is a result of illegal activity is shaky.  It comes without saying that you need a safe and strong guidance in these situations where one of your basic Constitutional rights has been jeopardized. Unfortunately, you have to fight for your own money and guaranteed rights. Do not allow yourself a luxury of taking this situation for granted and contact us immediately.

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