Florida Man MAIMS Flock of Seagulls…All Band Members Safe!!! – Animal Abuse

April 14, 2012

By Attorney David Engler

Flock of Seagulls Star Mike Score – NOT INVOLVED OR INJURED!

A 43-year-old Florida man was sentenced to 270 days in jail for killing one seagull and injuring two others when he twice drove into flocks of the birds in January. It was apparent from the police report that he knew it was a flock of seagulls and not the 1980’s band “Flock of Seagulls”.

Maimer Mug Shot
Nicholas M. Ulsch – the “M” stands for maimer?

Nicholas M. Ulsch was forced to plead no contest to animal cruelty charge and a probation violation from his 2009 case of animal cruelty. In 2009 he smashed a puppy to death against the wall in his apartment. He had recently purchased the puppy from Craigslist. The puppy had defecated in his apartment.

In no surprise to anyone, the Judge found Ulsch guilty. It is also not surprising that the crime took place in Florida.

The Orland Sentinel reported that on Jan. 7, Ulsch twice intentionally drove into flocks of seagulls, killing one bird and maiming another so badly it had to be euthanized. A third bird was injured. He was driving coincidentally a Jeep from the 80’s.

The incident occurred on the beach in Daytona Beach.

“Ulsch told officers he did not mean to hit the birds and thought he had missed them. But officers said he intentionally hit the birds with his 1989 Jeep.” according to gtaylor@tribune.com.

This guy is twisted.

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